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eat_in_college's Journal

The Art of Dining Well in College
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Welcome to eat_in_college the new community for... you guessed it, eating in college - or for anyone on a budget with limited time, space and money. If you want to eat quickly, cheaply, and well, then this is the place for you.

Post recipes, shopping tips, ideas, questions, etc.

Just a few (very basic) rules:
~When you post PLEASE use a subject title to describe your post so when other members read through the Archives they can tell what you posted about. I.E. the title of the recipe you're posting, or the basic question you're asking.
~Please use correct grammar/capital letters in your posts. Makes life easier.
~If you're posting more then one picture or alot of recipes or anything long, please use an LJ cut.
~Respect others' opinions- debate is wonderful, insults are not.

Eventually when this gets busy/has a lot of posts I will archive discussions in the memories to make it easier to browse through old recipes and the like.

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If you have a college related community let us know and we'll link it!

Your friendly moderator is neverseenbleu